True Bistro Makes Gratuity for Kitchen Staff Permanent

True BistroPhoto by Adrianne Mathiowetz.

True Bistro has decided to make a four percent gratuity for kitchen staff permanent after a monthlong trial in April.

The Kitchen Appreciation Program (KAP) is meant to help close the gap in wage potential between front-of-house staff and those who work in the kitchen. During April the KAP was in beta mode, which meant diners could ask to have the gratuity removed.

“This is a trend that’s moving through the restaurant industry, and Boston definitely has a pretty strong contingent of people following it,” says Managing Consultant Suzi Gerber. “It’s a pretty strong passion of mine to highlight that we tend to undervalue our food service workers.”

The owners were driven to test out the KAP in part by their vegan philosophy, which extends beyond food, according to Gerber.

“All the owners are vegan, and they’re vegan because they believe it’s the most right and compassionate choice,” Gerber says. “When [owner Linda Harrison] understood what it was and how it could be implemented, she was like, ‘This is very important to me,’ this is integrative with the rest of her thinking.”