Unofficial Election Results

Mayor Joseph Curtatone on election night. Photo by Tim Gagnon.

Tuesday’s elections were a major win for candidates endorsed by Bernie Sanders-inspired group Our Revolution. All nine candidates that the group endorsed—after pulling its support for mayoral candidate Payton Corbett—were elected, according to preliminary results.

For Board of Aldermen, Our Revolution Somerville endorsed Matt McLaughlin (Ward 1), JT Scott (Ward 2), Ben Ewen-Campen (Ward 3), Jesse Clingan (Ward 4), Mark Niedergang (Ward 5), and Lance Davis (Ward 6). Wards 1 through 4 saw contested elections.

Our Revolution Somerville also backed School Committee candidates Lee Erica Palmer (Ward 3),
Laura Pitone (Ward 5), and Carrie Normand (Ward 7). None of those races were contested.

Mayor: Mayor Joseph Curtatone easily beat challenger Corbett by 47 points, unofficial results showed Tuesday night.

Aldermen-At-Large: Stephanie Hirsch and Will Mbah were projected to have ousted incumbents Jack Connolly and Dennis Sullivan. Mary Jo Rossetti and Bill White held onto their seats, unofficial results showed.

Ward 1 Alderman: Matthew McLaughlin – 68.8%, Elio LoRusso – 31.2%

Ward 2 Alderman: Maryann Heuston – 42.32%, JT Scott – 57.68%

Ward 3 Alderman: Robert McWatters – 41.94%, Ben Ewen-Campen – 58.06%

Ward 4 Alderman: Omar Boukili – 13.55%, Jesse Clingan – 86.45%

Ward 5 Alderman: Mark Niedergang – ran unopposed

Ward 6 Alderman: Lance Davis – ran unopposed

Ward 7 Alderman: Katjana Ballantyne – ran unopposed

School Committee Ward 1: Emily Ackman – 65.67%, Kenneth Salvato – 34.33%

School Committee Ward 2: Dan Futrell – 59.59%, Susan McDonald-Nionakis – 40.41%

School Committee Ward 3: Lee Erica Palmer – ran unopposed

School Committee Ward 4: Andre Green – ran unopposed

School Committee Ward 5: Laura Pitone – ran unopposed

School Committee Ward 6: Paula Sullivan – ran unopposed

School Committee Ward 7: Carrie Normand – ran unopposed