UPS Store hit by wayward rental car

UPSstoreAs you drive down Somerville Avenue, you may notice the UPS Store has wooden boards covering its windows.

For the record, they’re not shutting down. On Wednesday, March 20 around 3 p.m., an elderly gentlemen operating a silver rental car crashed into the front window of the postal service location (519 Somerville Ave.).

The point of the collision was the front of the store where the print and copy center resides. Fortunately, no one was making any copies at the time.

Owner Don Grout reports no one was hurt, and the person behind the wheel just accidentally hit the wrong pedal.

Within the seven years Grout’s been overseeing the business, yesterday’s snafu was the second time an incident of this nature occurred. The last accident took place on New Year’s Day 2006 at 1:30 a.m. when a New Hampshire registered vehicle did a hit and run.  The hunt for that driver was inconvenient Grout jokes.

He explains the new windows may take several weeks to be replaced.  We hope those boards seal in the heat.  It’s cold out! -Angeline Vo