Urban Axes Opens in Union Square

urban axes

Urban Axes opened in Union Square on Friday, offering people a place to grab a beerĀ and throw something sharp.

The axe-throwing bar (located at 2 Union Square) offers group booking, walk-in hours, and an eight-week league that will start in January.

Urban Axes will start serving beer, wine, cider, and canned cocktails in a few weeks, but Co-Owner Krista Paton emphasizes that the point isn’t to get drunk.

“That’s the number one question we get,” Paton says. “There are several people watching you, making sure there’s no signs of intoxication. No one’s allowed to throw intoxicated. It’s all about having a beer or two beers over two and a half hours, to enjoy your time with friends. In addition to that, a coach is with you the entire time you’re here.”

In addition to drinks, Urban Axes will offer food including charcuterie plates and sandwiches.

Paton says Somerville had the “right vibe” for the chain’s latest outpost: “It’s really up-and-coming and cool and trendy, and that’s where we tend to open. And then it just happened that this amazing space was available in Union Square. We really wanted to be next to other businesses and part of a community.

Walk-in hours are $25 per person, and group bookings are $45 per person.