West 7 Bistro Unveils Remodeled Space

image-8Delio Susi, the owner of the newly renamed West 7 Bistro (1137 Broadway) recently revealed his remodeled Teele Square eatery, named from a combination of “West Somerville” and “Ward 7.” Susi reverted to the space’s original charm by removing the drop ceilings to reveal the high originals with exposed pipes and all. He also stripped the walls to expose vintage wainscoting. Susi opened Amelia’s kitchen in April 1995 and noted that “It was definitely time for a change.” All of the demolition was done by Susi himself, jokingly noting that he “ate too must dust” in bringing the West 7 Bistro to life. The new door frame was built out of recycled materials salvaged from the demolition of the space’s old walls.

The renovations go further than appearance though. The eatery features a full bar and a revamped menu with more bistro-esque choices like paninis. The restaurant still however offers everything from hamburgers and steak tips to pizza and pasta. All surfaces and walls are ornamented with Susi’s own yard sale finds, adding to the new-found old school charm. The bistro’s wooden liquor cabinet is topped with three antique accordions while a vintage radio sits atop the bar’s brand new granite top. Amelia’s Kitchen pales in comparison to the roomy West 7 Bistro, with its vintage vibe, cool décor and amped up menu.


– Joey Del Ponte