What the Fluff: Somerville Suspends Events Through End of Year

Well this is a huge bummer but  not a huge surprise: The City of Somerville has suspended all permitted events through the end of the year. No Honk Fest, no Fluff Fest, none of the block parties that have made the last few summers extra fun.

While phased construction has returned, the city is taking an abundance of caution when it comes to public gatherings. School sports and recreation activities are still under review. And that all makes sense given our density and proclivity for loud talking and sloppy hugs. (We miss you, late night Sligo.)

Even though this is smart policy it’s a bit dispiriting. Cancelling PorchFest was tough enough on our psyche but who are we if there’s no Fluff Festival? Who are we if we can’t celebrate our city’s greatest contribution to the culinary canon? We’re the city eating Fluff in isolation, which is fine but not too different from a normal day.

And normal days are the worst.

Anyway, I’ll be finishing off this jar of Fluff by myself if you need me.