What’s New: Construction Zone

Construction Zone: Davis Square RenderingDavis Square rendering courtesy of City of Somerville.

New design for Davis Square proposed to city planning board

The city planning board convened at the end of September to discuss a new 111-page Davis Square Neighborhood Plan with residents, according to the Somerville Journal. The document proposes redesigns of streets, buildings, public space usage, and traffic related challenges, all as part of a process that began in 2013.

City holds meeting on new Central Hill Campus Plan 

The Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development paired up with Councilor Ben Ewen-Campen at the end of September and invited locals to discuss the Phase 1 plan for the Central Hill Campus, according to The Somerville Times. Proposed plans include renovating the Central Hill Playground and installing a memorial walk in addition to the Korean and Vietnam War Memorial, along with a new Service Memorial. 

Clarendon Hill will soon be revamped

A new 591-unit housing development is coming to Clarendon Hill, and will include 216 public-housing units, 80 moderate-income affordable housing units, and 295 market-rate units, according to the Somerville Journal. The zoning approval process is projected to wrap up by the end of the year, after which current residents will relocate, with the offer of a public housing unit in the development once it has been completed.

City Council votes to transfer land to US2 

The Union Square Neighborhood Council (USNC) ratified its community benefits agreement with developer US2 at the end of September after a year of meetings, according to the Somerville Journal. “The unanimity of the ratification vote is a testament to the work of the USNC board and negotiating committee to unite the Union Square community around a common purpose,” USNC member Ben Bradlow told the Journal, explaining the development in the long negotiations between USNC and US2 as a win for community activism.

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