What’s New?: Pinkberry swirls into Davis


Pinkberry frozen yogurt is making its way to Davis Square to start swirling up delicious treats for those in West Somerville and beyond. The trendy franchise dessert bar currently has nearby locations in Harvard Square, Newbury Street and at the Prudential Center, but is finally moving into Somerville next month.

“Somerville residents will get their very first Pinkberry in Davis Square,” confirms publicist Chris Haynes. “Exact opening dates TBD, but looking at last two weeks of July 2013.”

Since Davis Square already is home to three other dessert shops offering frozen yogurt, including JP Licks, Orange Leaf and iYo Café, is having yet another frozen yogurt chain in the neighborhood causing a “froyoverload” in Somerville? Scout Somerville spoke with locals about how they perceive this new frozen yogurt phenomenon.

Somerville native Jessi Donahue thinks that introducing the wonders of Pinkberry will prove to be a great success.

“I don’t think that the city will be on ‘fro-yoverload’ because you can never have too many frozen yogurt places to choose from. Before recently, Davis Square never really had anything like this except for JP Licks” said Donahue. She also mentioned that having several frozen yogurt locations is starting to bring in more business to the Davis Square area, which will also bring in profit for other small businesses in the area.

Lifelong Somerville resident Felicia Beaton also feels that bringing Pinkberry to Davis Square will prove to be beneficial.

“Having four frozen yogurt locations is a little much, but Pinkberry is delicious so I can’t complain too much. It’s the frozen yogurt shop that I visit the most. I don’t really go to other places” Beaton remarked. Since she normally visits the Harvard Square location, having the Davis Square location available as an option in Somerville is convenient for her.

Both Donahue and Beaton sense that Pinkberry will strive compared to the other frozen yogurt shops in Davis Square, due to its reputation of high quality yogurt at affordable prices.

“I feel like Pinkberry as a brand is well-known, so it has potential for success” said Beaton.
Donahue agreed with Beaton by saying, “Yes, Pinkberry is a little more well-known, a little more ‘branded’, so people [visiting Davis Square] will probably go there more than the other frozen yogurt places because they have heard of it before.”

Scout then reminded Beaton and Donahue that Pinkberry is a chain location, compared to frozen yogurt shop iYo, which is a small business. The women were then asked if this detail influences their decision between choosing which frozen yogurt place they would choose.

“I feel like I am probably more opt to go to a place like iYo because it supports the Somerville community. Pinkberry is great, but going to a locally owned business is nicer in my opinion” Beaton remarked after reconsidering her original answer. When asked if she had to choose between iYo’s community ties and small business vibe, or Pinkberry’s atmosphere and yogurt quality, Beaton said “probably iYo.”

Donahue then added a thoughtful response.

“I personally prefer small businesses, but there are always two sides to it. Pinkberry is a chain, so it’s more widely available. Wherever you go, you know you’re going to go with a company you trust. On the other hand, small businesses are the heart and soul of the country. Since iYo is a small business, it would make me think twice. It would at least make me want to try something new, something I haven’t experienced before. Pinkberry is definitely going to have its work cut out for itself in Davis.” –Jen Morgan