Boston Yeti

A Q&A With the Boston Yeti

There hasn’t been a blizzard for a while now, which is great news for humans in the Greater Boston area. But what do the increasing temperatures mean for the Boston Yeti? What’s he been up to? Turns out, quite…

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abandoned bikes

City of Somerville to Remove Abandoned Bikes

Will the problems caused by this historic winter ever end? Potholes that can almost swallow cars, a transit system that’s one step closer to giving up the ghost entirely… and now, as the snow has begun…


TEDxSomerville anticipates “reinvention”

“It’s impossible to not see how much is changing in Somerville … so it seems like the perfect theme for this year,” says Devin Bramhall, spokesperson for TEDxSomerville, of “reinvent,” the theme chosen for this year’s…