A-Listers: Talli Clemons and Renée Polcaro

alistsBy Sarah Cadorette
Photos by Shane Godfrey

A quote thrown around like Fluff in Union Square’s aptly-named festival is that Somerville has more artists per capita than any city in the nation besides New York City (if you call that a city!).

What is less known is the number of entrepreneurs, foodies, yogis, politicos, athletes, researchers and activists. Our A-Listers run the gamut. While many of them are also involved in creative endeavors, they are all supremely interesting and – most importantly – available. From lifers to those who fell in the love with the city and never left, they’ve all made a niche for themselves in Somerville, and can probably show you a thing or two about just how diverse these four-square-miles really are. Just remember: a first date with any of these electric superstars means you owe us a beer.