All Dogs Go to PorchFest, and Other Non-Musical Attractions

PorchfestWill Dailey at PorchFest on Saturday. Photo by Emily Hopkins.

Over 200 acts performed on Saturday for PorchFest, the annual music festival that draws thousands of ‘Villens out of their houses and into the streets. The genres were diverse–from gypsy rock to jazz piano to folk violin–and surely everyone came for the music first and foremost. But as we wandered around from porch to porch (or parking lot, or stoop or what have you), we noticed a few more things worth trotting out for during Porchfest:

1. The food. 

We’d hardly hit the scene before we made our first stop at Cuisine en Locale. During the first part of PorchFest, they served up tacos and cold brews while performers turned their back lot into a stage. Pork, chicken, sweet potato and more, these little tacos were the best way to fortify us for this afternoon-long festival.


Cuisine en Locale kept us fed at Saturday’s PorchFest. Photo by Emily Hopkins.

2. The community.

Something that was very palpable on Saturday was the feeling that this could only work in this city. Of course we know that there are other PorchFests that embody something very similar, Saturday was quintessential Somerville. Case in point: Early in the afternoon on Church Street, Will Dailey led dozens in a singalong to close his set in what he said broke the world record for “biggest singalong on Church Street” [fact check pending].

3. The city turns into a big backyard.

We’ve written about all kinds of transportation in Somerville, so we can sincerely say that PorchFest is an eyeopening way to experience infrastructure. Cyclists and pedestrians took over the streets (much to the chagrin, we’re sure, of many Tufts grad parents trying to navigate to the ceremony). It was a great reminder of what makes Somerville, Somerville: the people.


Street? What street?


4. The dogs.

Oh my gosh, the dogs.

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Photos by Emily Cassel and Emily Hopkins