Articles by Joshua Eaton

The Best Somerville Spots to Unwind Outside

Basketball, football, gardening, dog walking—our May/June issue was packed with fun activities to help get you out of the house this spring. But sometimes, it’s nice to be outside sans activity or destination, to pick a place and people watch or settle in with a good book or even just sit and think. We asked […]

Shrine, Jesus, Shrine: Visiting the “Bathtub Marys” of Somerville

Catherine Piantigini has probably seen most of Somerville’s yard shrines, but there’s one on the Medford line that’s her favorite. Our Lady of Grace stands in a blue-and-white bathtub, her arms open in welcome. The paint is chipped, and Mary’s gaze is cast down as if she’s lost in thought. Someone’s written “MPB 1975” in […]