Articles by J Patrick Brown

SHAG Discout Weekend!

Haven’t gotten your tickets to SHAG yet? Worried you’re going to miss an amazing evening of music, dance, and sh(w)ag? Starting today, snag seat in the upper balcony for $15, and the lower balcony seating is a steal at $20, with an additional $5 off the Cuisine En Locale VIP after-party. This offer is only […]

Party on the Path Rescheduled

The City of Somerville and the Friends of the Community Path’s Party on the Path – which was going to be our Scour Pick for tomorrow, has unfortunately been postponed due to predicted inclement weather. We’ll see you there Sept. 20th, and you stay indoors and dry tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

Scouts Honored Winners Coming Soon!

Can’t wait for the long weekend? Well, here’s a little something to tide you over: a sneak peek at our special Scouts Honored edition, dropping next week!

Scout Picks: Race to the Row

The second annual Race to the Row 5k will take place Sunday, Aug. 24, at Assembly Row in Somerville’s Assembly  Square District. The race through Somerville’s newest neighborhood will provide a tour of the new outlets, apartments, restaurants, T station and courtyard at Assembly Row. Running around and through the development and along the Mystic […]

Scout’s Honored Awards Gala Tickets On Sale!

See that nifty banner over there? It speaks the truth: tickets to the first-ever Scout’s Honored Awards Gala (SHAG) are officially on the market. Held at the absolutely gorgeous, fresh off its centennial Somerville Theater on the evening of September 18th, it will feature  performances by Boston Comedy Festival winner Dan Boulger, the eye-popping aerials […]

A-Listers: Melanie Jenkins

By Sarah Cadorette Photos by Shane Godfrey Fictional character she would date: The Rock. Not Dwayne Johnson, but The Rock. I met him when I was 16, when I was working as a waitress at Outback Steakhouse. He came in, and he just seemed so cool. I hate wrestling, but I love him.

A-Listers: Joe Capuano and Maura Gaughan

By Sarah Cadorette Photos by Shane Godfrey If she could make up her own zodiac sign, it would be… I’m a Sagittarius, so I naturally want to combine animals. I’d say … a hawk-cat. Because I’m independent like a cat, and I can be a little predatorial, like a hawk.

A-Listers: Raquel DaSilva and Lucas Knapp

By Sarah Cadorette Photos by Shane Godfrey Fictional character he would date: I really liked Jasmine as a kid, but I never wanted to be Aladdin, I always wanted to be Raja. I think it’s because she loves him unconditionally and always. I just want to be petted and fed!