Learning Math Through Maple Syrup

“Everyone say xylem,” Groundwork Somerville Youth Education Coordinator Josia Gertz DeChiara tells a room full of second grade students, holding up a drawing depicting the layers of a maple tree. The students at the Albert F. Argenziano school were initially stumped by the “z” sound at the beginning of xylem, but quickly remembered that DeChiara […]

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The Guerrilla Gardeners of Somerville

With their bike trailer and their bright orange “Let’s do this” buckets, Brian Burke and Hannah Peterson are a magnet for confused glances from the people they pass as they lug water from a drinking fountain to a small strip of land behind Vernon Street Studios. It’s a scorching August day, and they’re covered in […]

SCOUT OUT: A Green Thumb Grows in Somerville

In her bohemian yet tidy Somerville home, Steph Zabel recounts the journey that has led her off the beaten path—away from the laboratory, where her degrees in biology and horticulture could have taken her. But first, she pours a cup of herbal tea made from an aromatic blend of holy basil, lemon balm and rose […]