Chocolate Shop, Fish Restaurant Headed for Bow Market

Bow MarketAlexandra Whisnant (left) of gâté comme des filles. Jimmy Rider (right) of Hooked. Photos submitted by Whisnant and Rider.

Chocolate shop gâté comme des filles and fish store Hooked have signed leases in Union Square’s budding Bow Market complex.

Chocolatier Alexandra Whisnant first launched her store in Paris, where she studied pastry-making. She specializes in seasonal offerings and makes fresh batches of her chocolates every week.

Fall and winter seasonal chocolates include offerings like passion fruit ganaches, apple cider chocolates, and recipes that include nuts, coffees, teas, and spices.

She says she regularly uses “special” ingredients, like hazelnuts from Oregon or a lemon from her sister’s tree. Her chocolates don’t contain preservatives and so are meant to be eaten within a week.

The shop will also feature seasonal mousse flavors served in ice cream cones, European-style hot chocolate, and dark chocolate brownies.

Whisnant shares a space in Aeronaut Brewing Company with Somerville Chocolate, and is looking forward to having her own store at Bow Market.

“I wanted to have my own store but I didn’t want it to be isolated, off by itself,” she says. “I like having this sort of family around me. Aeronaut was good because there are always people around, but this is going to be even more diverse and interesting in terms of what people are doing and how we can support each other.”

Her 163-square-foot shop in Bow Market will mostly be an open kitchen where visitors can see her making the chocolates. She may be be able to squeeze in some stools or an antique loveseat, she says.

Jimmy Rider, who delivers Christmas trees, fish, and more though his company EverGreen Delivery, will open a fish store and restaurant in the complex.

The shop, “Hooked,” will serve up local fish. Because of the store’s tight quarters (165 square feet), Rider will mostly serve up raw and smoked dishes that fit a ready-to-eat, street-food-inspired theme. He’ll partner with chef Jason Tucker, who’s leading the menu’s “creative side.”

“I heard about Bow Market, I thought it was a wonderful concept,” Rider says. “I’ve been in Union Square since 2001, and just love Union Square. I liked the idea, and it’s such a small space and the rent’s very low. There is no real fish shop in Union Square, so I thought there could be a good need for people getting local, smoked fish all the time and also provide us a little bit of space to make some creative, fun food.”