Gifts for Dad: A Cocktail Upgrade from The Boston Shaker

Photo by Dave Gordon

It’s almost Father’s Day and Dad could use a drink. With all of the working from home lately, happy hour has been starting earlier and ending later around Casa De Scout. Being a stay-at-home dad has upped our cocktail game and now it is time to upgrade our tools at Davis Square’s The Boston Shaker.

This idea came to me while I was muddling mint for mojitos with a wooden spoon and a promotional beer glass. The mojito was delightful, but it just felt a little college. I could use a muddler. I was crushing ice with an old tea towel and the rubber mallet from my camping kit when I realized I could use an actual Lewis Bag like an actual adult. 

The truth of the matter is Endless Bummer 2020 won’t be anytime soon. The reality of not being able to sit at a bar and sip a quality cocktail is slowly sinking in. The need to keep my the brightest bright spot in my day (cocktail hour) from getting dull and dreary is very real. Ironically, bitters help. Boston Shaker has a great selection.

I haven’t been socializing much these days but I’d guess I’m not the only dad that needs a Mai Tai. I bet your Dad needs a Mai Tai. My dad probably needs a Mai Tai. Let’s make sure every Dad has the tools to make a great Mai Tai.

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