Grammy Award Hocked to Somerville Pawn Shop

lbc pawnPhotos by Reena Karasin.

Davis Square’s LBC Boutique and Loan is now home to two pieces of music history: reggae musician Peter Tosh’s guitar and his 1987 Grammy Award.

Tosh, who was born in Jamaica in 1944, performed with Bob Marley in Bob Marley and the Wailers and later worked as a solo artist. Tosh took home the Grammy for Best Reggae Album in 1987 with No Nuclear War.

An immediate family member of Tosh, who was murdered in 1987—just seven months after receiving his Grammy—pawned the Grammy and guitar back in March, according to Assistant Manager Daniel Berhe. They acted as collateral on a $6,200 loan, but the loan period has run out, and LBC is now the full owner.

Berhe could not share the name of the person who pawned the two items, but confirmed that he is an immediate family member.

Berhe, who made the agreement with Tosh’s family member, was excited about the deal. He has verified that the guitar was genuine by comparing it with photos of Tosh with the instrument.

Unfortunately for aspiring Grammy owners, Grammy Awards are nontransferable, so LBC cannot sell the trophy. The store plans to keep it on display.

The guitar, on the other hand, is up for grabs.

“The market is how much a person’s willing to pay for it,” Berhe said. He hopes to sell the guitar for between $15,000 and $20,000. When asked whether the shop expects someone to fork over this hefty sum, Berhe responded, “Definitely.”