How Many Dunkin Donuts Are in Somerville?


I was biking around last weekend and, as if awakening from an orange and brown hypnosis, I suddenly realized:

There are a hell of a lot of Dunkin Donuts stores in this city.

Now, a heavy prevalence of Canton-based Dunkin in a Boston-abutting city is hardly that surprising. But just because Boston boasts, according to the Duck Boat guys, over 100 spots to get a Coolatta in its bounds doesn’t make the Somerville numbers any less interesting to me.

Somerville covers an area of 4.1 square miles.

Somerville plays home to 14 Dunkin Donuts.

That’s 3.4 Dunkins per square mile.

The locations are as follows:

  • 90 Washington St. (Just in case anyone wandering over from Charlestown is suffering from culture shock.)
  • 282 Somerville Ave.
  • 519 Somerville Ave.
  • 154 Highland Ave. (AKA the Highland Cafe and Restaurant. Hm.)
  • 220 Broadway
  • 14 McGrath Highway
  • 709 McGrath Highway (A Hess location)
  • 779 McGrath Highway (Stop & Shop)
  • 504 Broadway
  • 498 Mystic Ave.
  • 76 Middlesex Ave.
  • 244 Elm St.
  • 850 Broadway
  • 379 Alewife Brook Parkway

If you’ve met me, you learn pretty quickly that I like coffee, and a lot of it. And I frequent a number of locally-owned cafes here in town. Fortissimo is basically Scout headquarters at this point, to be frank. But I am grateful to know that if I’m in a pinch, Dunkin is always right around the corner. It might not be anything special, but it’s reliable, and Lord knows it’s there.

(This list was compiled via the Internet, which is only as reliable as a given website’s readers say it is. Let me know if I missed any.)