Introducing Community Blog Posts

community blog posts

Have strong opinions? We want to hear ’em. Dust off your laptops and flex those typing fingers – Scout Somerville is now accepting submissions for community blog posts.

We get emails from you beautiful people in our inboxes nearly every day. Sometimes you’re giving props to an outstanding community member, and sometimes you’re shouting out a new restaurant whose dishes you can’t stop talking about. Often, you’re asking us to give your band a listen or come check out your show. And sometimes you’re peeved about something that’s happening in our city, and you want to make sure we know about it. Any and all of those things are welcome in a community blog post.

Ready to get writing? Send an email to scout [at] scoutmagazines [dot] com, and let us know what’s up. Tell us your idea for a community blog or send us your completed post. Shoot for something in the neighborhood of 200-300 words, but go longer if you feel it’s warranted. No press releases, please; these should be well-thought-out, original posts that come straight from you.

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Shouts? Murmurs? Now you know where to send them. We look forward to hearing what you have to say.