January/February 2017

If you want to get back in shape, shake up your existing workout routine or just get out there and have some fun, the January/February issue of Scout Somerville has a plan for you. The folks at Achieve Fitness Boston, The Training Room and Commonwealth CrossFit told us why building community is integral to the way they run their gyms. Circus artists and parkour practitioners showed us some off-the-wall workouts for those times the treadmill starts to feel stale, a trio of terrific, fun-loving trainers shared their secrets to success and we talked about the incredibly varied—and affordable!—programming offered by Somerville Rec. We also hit the pavement with RUNFELLOW founder Jillian D’Amato—who wanted to start a running gear company and ended up making something far more meaningful.

Outside the gym, we preview the 42nd annual Sci-Fi Film Festival and Marathon, a Somerville Theatre tradition, and share the stories of immigrant children alongside photographer Randi Freundlich’s portrait series, Children of the World | Boston. Craving sweets? We’ve also got a roundup of the city’s most mouthwatering desserts—both healthy and utterly decadent.