July/August 2017

In our “Sounds of the City” issue, we introduce you to some of the unsung heroes who keep our music scene humming. There’s booking agent Ryan the Terrible, whose name you’ve no doubt seen abbreviated “RTT Presents” on countless flyers around town. Maybe you even drank a beer that bears his name at Winter Hill Brewing Company. Who is that guy? And what about Anna Rae? We spoke with her about All Together Now, the super positive, super inclusive event series that brings together a diverse group of artists who span race, gender and genre.

We also checked out an adorable youth orchestra called El Sistema, found a pair of productions bringing concert hall music to bars and breweries and stepped into the studio with Ron Pownall, who’s photographed pretty much every single rock music legend there is. And for a totally different take on city sounds, we met a collective of audio enthusiasts known as the Sonic Soirée, who are dealing with the fact that sound editing can be solitary, isolating work by meeting up each month to swap stories over dinner and drinks.

Sonic stuff aside, our news story is about trash—more specifically, compost. Why doesn’t Somerville have a municipal composting program? Should we? We also asked organizers for ways to make change at the local level, and came up with 54 ways you can get involved in your community starting right now.