May/June 2017

In the May/June issue of Scout, we’re celebrating our neighbors (both the two- and four-legged ones). We have a guide to some of the city’s cutest shop pups, and we catch up with the members of Somerville “The Good Ole Days,” an online community where longtime locals and born-and-raised ‘Villens share their memories of living in the city. We have then-and-now photos of the neighborhood to get you feelin’ even more nostalgic, along with a series of portraits from an afternoon spent at Market Basket.

Also inside are interviews with the people who actually run Mike’s Food and Spirits and Jerry’s Liquors—neither of whom is named Mike or Jerry—and a behind-the-scenes look at a forthcoming global greentech center from Greentown Labs. Plus, we take a look into why it’s taking so long to renovate the West Branch Library and sit down for a Q&A with the Somerville-based founder of Misadventures, the only women’s outdoor adventure and lifestyle magazine.