SarmaA dish from Sarma. Photo by Derek Kouyoumjian.

Restaurant Overall
Restaurant in Winter Hill
Middle Eastern Food
Place to Splurge
Date Night Spot
249 Pearl St., (617) 764-4464
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Italian: Posto
187 Elm St., (617) 625-0600

Posto combines local, seasonal foods with ingredients from Italy, homemade mozzarella, and a roaring, 850-degree-plus wood-burning oven to offer up an extensive selection of pizzas. In addition to traditional red pizzas, Posto has several white options, including one with roasted apple, applewood bacon, gorgonzola crema, arugula, caramelized onions, and vincotto (cooked wine). But the menu goes far beyond pizza—you can expect grilled octopus, gnocchi with braised beef short ribs, pan-roasted salmon, and more.

Greek: Daddy Jones Bar
525 Medford St., (617) 690-9095

Bacon and feta dates. Ouzo fried cheese with a carrot marmalade. Moussaka with cheesy bechamel. Are you drooling yet? Family recipes fill up the menu at Daddy Jones Bar, which recently added late-night pizza (four cheese, pulled pork, or loaded veggie), offered until 11:30 p.m. Daddy Jones also has a beer, wine, and cocktail menu.

Butcher: McKinnon’s Meat Market
239 Elm St., (617) 666-0888

McKinnon’s tagline is “The Tenderloin of Davis Square,” and it’s got the offerings to live up to the title. In addition to any kind of meat you could hope for from a butcher, McKinnon’s has a diverse selection of marinades, ranging from maple bourbon to midnight teriyaki to cilantro lime fajita. The butchershop also has recipe ideas—think pepper and herb-crusted prime rib, or porcini rubbed top round roast—for the days when you need some inspiration.

Coffee Shop or Cafe & Barista Becca: 3 Little Figs
278 Highland Ave., (617) 623-3447

Breakfast & Outdoor Dining: The Neighborhood Restaurant & Bakery
25 Bow St., (617) 623-9710

Neighborhood’s been a staple in Union Square for over 30 years, with people lining up to get inside no matter the weather. The cash-only restaurant started off as a Portuguese bakery, but now is best known for its famous cream of wheat, which comes with all breakfast orders. And cream of wheat (which you can sub fresh fruit for) isn’t the only thing that you’ll get with your breakfast—a small orange juice is included, as well as unlimited coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

“When my brother realized he wasn’t selling enough bread to make it, he sliced the bread, added a grill, and made eggs and home fries and got a coffee machine,” owner Sheila Borges says. “That’s how it started. People may come back because we legit like people, we love food, and we adore kids.”

Neighborhood is an ideal breakfast spot for early risers, offering everything from breakfast classics—omelets, pancakes, french toast—to an ever-changing, handwritten specials list starting at 7 a.m. every day. When it’s warm outside, Neighborhood opens up a beautiful dining courtyard that not only reduces wait times, but also lets you start your day under a leafy canopy.

Dana Forsythe contributed reporting.

Cheap Eats: Tenóch Mexican
382 Highland Ave., (617) 764-1906

Sweet Tooth Satisfier: Union Square Donuts
20 Bow St., (617) 209-2257

Burger: R.F. O’Sullivan & Son
282 Beacon St., (617) 491-9638

Sushi: Ebi Sushi
290 Somerville Ave., (617) 764-5556

Pizza & Kid-Friendly Restaurant: Flatbread Company
45 Day St., (617) 776-0552

Tacos: Taco Loco Mexican Grill
44 Broadway, (617) 625-3830

Vegan or Vegetarian: Taco Party
711 Broadway, (617) 764-0683

Catering: Cuisine en Locale
156 Highland Ave., (617) 285-0167

Takeout: Tasty Mo:Mo
503 Medford St., (617) 764-0222
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Gourmet or Specialty Food: Dave’s Fresh Pasta
81 Holland St., (617) 623-0867

From artisanal sandwiches to wine to, of course, fresh pasta, Dave’s has it all. Fresh pasta ready for you to take home and cook comes in over 30 flavors (think cilantro lime, lemon rosemary, pumpkin, squid ink, or toasted fennel), and dozens of handmade ravioli are on offer, including goat cheese and caramelized leek; duck, porcini, and Great Hill Blue Florentine; sea scallop and lemon; and truffled potato, fontina, and chives. For readymade food, turn to the shop’s sandwich bar for combinations including steak and horseradish, beef and boursin, and “Brazilian Hangover Helper.”

But pasta and sandwiches are just the tip of the iceberg at Dave’s. Its specialty market includes craft chocolate, fresh produce, and over 300 domestic and European cheeses. And then there’s the wine—Dave’s specializes in wines that are produced in small batches, and offers free wine tastings weekly.

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