What’s New?: 5 Fun Facts About 968 The Shop

photo (2)Sunday saw the grand opening celebration of 968 The Shop (968 Broadway), the renamed and renovated barbershop founded and run by Larry Travaglione, Jr., in the same space in Powder House Square where his father’s shearing joint, Larry’s Hair Cutting Zone, stood for many years. Scout Somerville braved the brutal heat for a gander at the new digs and came away with this smattering of choice factlets:

1. From the word go, business was booming. Despite the day’s oppressive heat, Powder House Square’s shaggy-haired masses turned out in droves to be shorn. Larry says that, after opening shop at 11, he was shearing manes nonstop until past 2:30.

2. The first customer of the day got his money’s worth: he showed up sporting a full beard – a “Bruins-playoffs” beard – and requested a clean shave. Larry was undaunted, and left his inaugural client’s face as smooth as a newborn baby’s in twenty minutes flat.

3. The day of 968 The Shop’s grand opening was significant for several reasons: not only was it the 30th anniversary of the day that Larry Sr.’s long-standing hair cuttery, Larry’s Haircutting Zone, opened its doors at the same location – it was also Larry Jr,’s 25th birthday. Talk about shear coincidence!

4. In keeping with the 968 The Shop’s old-timey ethos, the opening party’s decorations were handlebar-mustache-themed. The cake had a mustache on it, and there were mustache-shaped balloons tied up out front.

5. 968 The Shop is open for business! Swing by 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. Tuesday through Friday or 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday for a shave or a cut. -Nick Cox