Spotlight: Coughlin of Community Cooks

CommunityCooksPictureCommunity Cooks is not just a local hunger relief non-profit – it is a movement towards a stronger community.

The organization features over 400 volunteers who dedicate one day per month to preparing part of a meal to be donated to citizens in need. Their 21 partner agencies, including CASPAR, On the Rise, and HAWC, then distribute the meals to their recipients. Community Cooks has also recently taken on the mission of helping underprivileged school children by providing nutritious meals during student after-school programs. By partnering with Tutoring Plus Boston, they have already started serving students at the Cambridgeport School and the Fletcher-Maynard Academy.

Steve Coughlin, a four year volunteer, board member and team leader with Community Cooks, took time to talk with Scout on May 23rd about the true impact of Community Cooks.

On how he heard about Community Cooks: Steve was visiting the Somerville Dog Park with his canine friend when he met founder Vicky I, who told him about her organization. Although Steve had a busy schedule, Vicky assured him that the volunteer time commitment for Community Cooks would be minimal – one day a month.

On why hunger relief volunteerism is important to him: “It’s an unfortunate truth that 1 in 9 people, in Massachusetts alone, are food insecure. Community Cooks is just one great program doing something about it.”

On the Community Cooks mission statement: “Community Cooks really strives to promote their philosophy of ‘Neighbors Helping Neighbors’, and I’m so glad to be part of that. These meals can help a woman in a crisis, or a man in recovery, that just needs to know that someone cares, and Community Cooks sure does.”

Check out the upcoming Community Cooks fundraiser at Flatbread in Davis on June 4th from 5pm-9pm. A portion of your check will be donated towards the mission of Community Cooks. If you are interested in learning more about Community Cooks, please visit their website at Jen Morgan