Stanhope Framers On the Excitement of Handling Art

Stanhope FramersStanhope Framers. Photo by Skyela Heitz.

After decades in the framing business, Stanhope Framers owner Richard Siegel still gets excited about his job.

“We get to see amazing artwork,” he says. “One of the perks of the job is what we get to see—and not only see, but touch, up close and personal. And that still, even after 40 years, is like, ‘This is awesome.’”

Siegel, who was an art major in college, is not the only one at Stanhope Framers who’s driven by a love of art. In fact, he says that everyone who works there is passionate about some form of art.

The Union Square shop’s showroom displays seemingly endless frame samples, but even more impressive is the sprawling production space—10 times the size of the showroom—where the building, spraying, and matting happen.

What Stanhope Framers can “frame” goes far beyond rectangular, two-dimensional artwork. They’ve made custom mounts for a sword, bases for sculptures, circular frames, and a display box for a G.I. Jane action figure. And the most challenging projects are Siegel’s favorites.

“It’s endless,” Siegel says of the range of work Stanhope Framers can do. “Without being crass, if you have enough time and money, we can frame it.”

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