Arts at the Armory

Closer to Nature: 2018 Summer Youth Program

Closer to Nature is a collaboration between Earthwise Aware and the Center for Arts at the Armory. The program is designed for youth (12+) to explore and enjoy the natural world around the Armory through storytelling, nature & naturalist walks, sketching & journaling, art, and science. Closer to Nature cultivates a deep understanding that Nature conservation starts right where […]

“Her Story Is: performances and presentations” : U.S. & Iraqi women artist collaboration

Her Story Is : performances and presentations. An evening of theater, poetry, visual art, and music; artistic results from a yearlong collaboration involving U.S. and Iraqi women artists. Presented by Fort Point Theatre Channel, the Joiner Institute for the Study of War and Social Consequences, the Odysseus Project, the Center for Arabic Culture, and partners […]

Party Cruise Comedy Presents Finger-Lickin’ Goofs

Food is necessary for survival! This month, please help us celebrate and thank food for everything it has done via goofs, games, and trivia. Plus, enjoy a ~delicious~ lineup of guest comedians: * Liam McGurk (8 O’Clock at 730) * Killian McAssey (Is Funnier Than You) * Sean Rosa (Pick a Side Stupid Podcast) * […]

Sage and Horsetail: Herbal Partners

The class will cover in-depth discussions of two herbs: sage and horsetail. Students will get to taste (in teacups!), smell and feel each herb, and we’ll discuss the history of the traditional usage of each herb, modern usages, health benefits, and other effects. The benefit of taking in each herb slowly is that your body […]

As the World Turns, Songs from the Daze of Our Lives

Tongue in Cheek Presents: As the World Turns, Songs from the Daze of Our Lives Tongue in Cheek is feeling as dazed as you are with the state of our world.  What to do?  Laugh,  of course! Please join us for our usual wry and sly look at life as we offer songs that will make you smile. Fri June 15, 7:30 p.m. Arts at the Armory 191 Highland […]

A Night of Classical Indian Music and Dance in Honor of Saraswathi Jois

Saraswathi Jois– one of the world’s premier yoga teachers– will be in Boston later this month teaching a series of yoga workshops. We also will be having a benefit concert in her honor and ALL are encouraged to come and bring friends to see Indian culture in full swing, with a wonderful guru’s presence to […]

Kevin So, Licia Sky, Beth DeSombre at Somerville Armory Cafe Saturday May 5

Somerville Songwriter Sessions at the Armory Cafe presents a concert on Saturday May 5 with singer/songwriters Kevin So, Licia Sky, and Beth DeSombre. The concert will feature a solo set by each artist, followed by a round robin song swap. The show begins at 7:30 pm with an open mic, and admission is $10. The Armory Cafe is at 191 Highland Avenue, Somerville. For more information call 617-718-2191 or visit or Email to reserve […]

Beyond the Pattern: An Alternative Fashion Show

Beyond the Pattern, a show of wearable art and fashion, returns for its sixth year. The “unofficial” kick off for SOS, this year’s event features a collection of uniquely crafted wearable accessories, upcycled materials transformed into haute couture, the dramatic role of masks, themed costumes, kids cool clothes and a wide range of women’s fashion. […]

Plantain and Calendula: Herbal Partners

The class will cover in-depth discussions of two herbs: plantain and calendula. Calendula and plantain are both used in products you can find in the grocery stores and they both grow in the New England climate. Students will get to taste (in teacups!), smell and feel each herb, and we’ll discuss the history of the […]

The Curiosities of Somerville

The stories behind some of the city’s most bizarre buildings Written by Kat Rutkin and Reena Karasin. The Center for the Arts at the Armory 191 Highland Ave. “It’s one of those buildings that only its mother could love,” Executive Director of the Historic Preservation Commission J. Brandon Wilson says about the Somerville Armory. Its […]

After-School Acting at the Armory

After-School Acting is our FREE program that introduces children to the theatrical arts. Under the instruction of a seasoned performer and theater scholar, participants will be exposed to culture, explore their creativity, gain confidence and learn how to collaborate with peers. Through vocal exercises, memory games, character exploration and more, participants will not only gain […]

New Moon Gong Meditation with Mantra

Throughout India, it is thought that the new moon and full moon are especially auspicious times for reflection—a time of contemplation on both our inner nature, as well as our interaction with the natural world. To honor this tradition, on the Sunday closest to each new moon this fall, the Arts at the Armory in […]