Asiyah Jewish Community

Havdallah Concert with Yoel Sykes of Nava Tehila

This concert tops off a weekend of musical, soulful prayer with Yoel Sykes of the Nava Tehila community in Jerusalem. We will bid Shabbat farewell and welcome in the new week with intention and joy as Yoel leads us deep into the Nava Tehila repertoire, including his original compositions. Registration for the whole shabbaton is also […]

Asiyah Jewish Community Pops Up in Camberville

Situated under a massive willow tree at North Point Park, a group of roughly 20 people sang Hebrew songs accompanied by a guitar and talked philosophy. They were participating in “Tashlich by the Charles,” one of the first official gatherings of the Asiyah Jewish Community. Tashlich is a Jewish tradition during the High Holidays where […]