Wildhood: Coming of Age on Planet Earth

Lecture, Book Signing, and Special Gallery Activities Barbara Natterson-Horowitz Professor of Medicine, Division of Cardiology, and Co-Director, Evolutionary Medicine Program, University of California, Los Angeles; Visiting Professor, Department of Human and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University Kathryn Bowers Science Journalist and Animal Behaviorist Adolescence is dangerous, difficult, and destiny-shaping for humans and other animals. In Wildhood […]

Assembling the Dinosaur: Free Lecture and Book Signing

Dinosaur fossils were first found in England, but a series of late-nineteenth-century discoveries in the American West turned the United States into a world center for vertebrate paleontology. Around the same time, the United States also emerged as an economic powerhouse of global proportions, and large, fierce, and spectacular creatures like Tyrannosaurus, Brontosaurus, and Triceratops became powerful emblems of […]

A Feminist, LGBTQ Pop-Up Bookstore? That’s All She Wrote

Christina Ciampa was tired of reading books that didn’t represent her life. “I felt like there were so many stories, especially stories from women, from the gay community, from the trans community, from all different walks of life, that were just not reflected in a lot of the texts that I read,” she says. “It’s […]

Solidarity Salon

Solidarity Salon: a reading/performance/exhibit Saturday, June 23, 7-9 pm Featuring: Lisa DeSiro, poet and pianist Kelly Dumar, poet and playwright Darci Hanna, artist Jennifer Martelli, poet Kay Patterson, soprano Anne Pluto, poet Join us as we share our poetry, music, and handmade creations. Books and artwork will be available for purchase. Light refreshments provided. Free […]

Cambridge Women’s Center Book Club

If you’re looking for a book club to join, what about the feminist book club group at Cambridge Women’s Center? The first Monday of each month, we meet to discuss a new book through the lens of feminism and our own experiences as women. Our next group meeting is Monday, April 2nd, 7- 8pm at […]

Darwin’s Backyard How Small Experiments Led to a Big Theory

Charles Darwin, iconic evolutionary biologist, was a naturalist with a passion for experiments. Sometimes quirky, always illuminating, Darwin’s experiments were an ever-present part of his home life, taking over his house, garden, and greenhouse, as well as surrounding meadows and woodlands, while often involving family, friends, and neighbors as research assistants. James Costa will discuss […]

Bummer: The Book Shop is Closing

After more than three and a half years of author talks and mystery club meetings, The Book Shop in Ball Square (694 Broadway) will be closing its doors at the end of the month. In a touching post on the shop’s Facebook page, owner Gil Barbosa bid farewell to the friends, writers, community members and even pets […]