Davis Square

Black Girl Baking Book Signing at Davis Squared

On May 12, local culinary aficionado Jerrelle Guy will be at Davis Squared for a book signing of Black Girl Baking. Her 2018 cookbook, inspired by her Southern upbringing and her lifelong, ever-deepening relationship with food, is both personal and universal, interweaving Jerrelle’s story with inspired recipes for bakers everywhere. Case in point: Melisa Christie, […]

Meet Your Scout’s Honored Winners: Magpie and Magpie Kids

In this year’s Scout’s Honored Awards—our annual reader-voted guide to the best businesses in Somerville—we stepped inside some of the local favorites who took home wins to introduce you to the people who make them so great.  First up: Magpie and Magpie Kids, a set of sibling shops trading in unique, modern—and, more often than […]

ArtBeat 2000-2017: Costumes by A.C. Kemp

This month’s Inside-Out gallery show is a retrospective of A.C. Kemp’s eighteen years of costumes for the annual Somerville ArtBeat festival. Each year since 2000, A.C., who emcees the festival’s Elm Street stage, has created a new costume to go with that year’s theme—an art bee for “ArtBeast,” a costume covered in Monarch butterflies for […]

A New Culinary Tour Takes You “Off the Beaten Path”

Lizzie Bell and her fiancé Sam Schlussel are self-proclaimed globetrotters; they love to travel together, and they often take food tours while they do. But as longtime residents of Somerville and Cambridge who currently call Davis Square home, they’re also big fans of the colorful array of restaurants located right here in their own densely packed little neighborhood. Plenty […]

What’s In A Name? Mike’s Food & Spirits | SCOUTV Episode #12

It seems fairly safe to assume that the people behind businesses like Jerry’s Liquors and Mike’s Food & Spirits would actually be named Jerry and Mike. It seems fairly safe… but it isn’t. While plenty of places around town—Leone’s, Dave’s Fresh Pasta, Alibrandi’s Barber Shop—are still run by the folks whose names they bear, it […]

The Inside Out Gallery Inspires “Art Moments” in Davis Square

You might not even notice it as you hustle through the doors of the CVS in Davis Square to pick up toothpaste or toilet paper, but the building is home to a beloved, hidden-in-plain-sight art exhibition space known as the Inside Out Gallery. Introduced more than eight years ago as an arrangement between the building […]

Area’s First Oatmeal Cafe Readies to Open in Davis Square

When Eater Boston initially reported that an artisanal oatmeal restaurant called Oat Shop would open this fall in Davis Square, not everyone was particularly sold on the idea. “In what sounds a bit like a hipster joke, a restaurant that specializes in oatmeal is scheduled to open this fall in an undisclosed Davis Sq. location,” teased one […]

70mm Film Festival Celebrates Cinematic Classics

“Big things have small beginnings,” Claude Rains intones in Lawrence of Arabia, David Lean’s four-hour Super Panavision saga. Bellowed in 6-Track stereo sound before a packed house at the Somerville Theatre, as Rains’ likeness dominates the century-old screen, the statement couldn’t seem any more absurd. And yet, according Ian Judge, who programmed the 70mm & Widescreen Festival—which runs at the […]

Davis Square Theatre Becomes the Rockwell

Running a small theatre isn’t easy, and Davis Square Theatre Director Damon Leibert has a lot on his plate: organizing shows, working with production companies and artists—and often, fielding phone calls from confused cinema fans. “Other instances include people calling me several times a day for movie listings, or asking what kind of butter we use […]

Here’s What’s on Deck at ArtBeat 2016

“The whole festival—it’s kind of loosely organized chaos,” laughs Somerville Arts Council Cultural Director Rachel Strutt of the annual ArtBeat celebration. “Things usually happen that surprise and delight us that we couldn’t even conceive of.” ArtBeat comes to Davis Square on July 15 and 16, with two stages of music, dance at the Somerville Theatre, […]