“What The Fluff?” Festival

This year’s festival, “FluffCentennial: Inspiring the Next Century of Union Square Invention” will take place on Saturday, September 23rd  from 3-7 PM (rain date, 9/24) in Somerville’s Union Square.  This is a special year for the Festival, as it celebrates the 100th anniversary of the invention of Fluff in Somerville’s Union Square.   The 12th […]

Five Fun Facts With ‘Fluff’ Author Mimi Graney

To Mimi Graney, Marshmallow Fluff isn’t just a whimsical condiment. As the founder of the annual What the Fluff? festival in Union Square, where the pillowy product was invented in 1917, she says the story of Fluff is a uniquely American one—as much a tale of innovation and modernization as it is a desire to […]

Around the World, “American Food” Means Chips, Cake and Fluff

It turns out grocers from Germany to Australia to Ireland think one thing when they think “American food,” and that’s Somerville’s own marshmallow fluff. Most frequently spotted “American” food overseas? Marshmallow Fluff–invented in my neighborhood! https://t.co/OyJqGsafJP @ScoutSomerville — Jason (@coolmcjazz) January 5, 2017 In a January 4 Buzzfeed post, Dave Stopera asked, “Have you ever […]