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Paleovirology: Ghosts and Gifts of Ancient Viruses

Harmit Malik Principal Investigator, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Human genomes are ancient battlegrounds of arms races waged between viruses and their hosts for millions of years. Just as historians reconstruct battlefields to better understand historical battles, evolutionary biologists and virologists can reconstruct how ancient viruses affected their hosts by analyzing their “fossil” remains in […]

Adversity, Belonging, and Survival among Baboons

Susan Alberts Robert F. Durden Professor of Biology and Evolutionary Anthropology, Duke University The social environment—both in early life and adulthood—has major effects on human health and survival. But how and why does the social environment get “under the skin” to also affect our physical health? Susan Alberts pursues this question by studying wild baboons […]

Molinillos and Chocolate in Contemporary Mexico

Juan Alonso Rodriguez, Master Woodworker, Mexico Ana Rita García-Lascuráin, Founder and Director, MUCHO-Chocolate Museum, Mexico City Special Event and Chocolate Tasting. In this special event, Juan Alonso Rodriguez will explain how to make a molinillo, the whisk-like wooden tool that is traditionally used in Mexico to make froth in chocolate beverages. Together with Ana Rita […]

Wildhood: Coming of Age on Planet Earth

Lecture, Book Signing, and Special Gallery Activities Barbara Natterson-Horowitz Professor of Medicine, Division of Cardiology, and Co-Director, Evolutionary Medicine Program, University of California, Los Angeles; Visiting Professor, Department of Human and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University Kathryn Bowers Science Journalist and Animal Behaviorist Adolescence is dangerous, difficult, and destiny-shaping for humans and other animals. In Wildhood […]