Carl Cacho, Honor Finnegan, Beth DeSombre at the Somerville Armory Cafe, Saturday, October 7

Somerville Songwriter Sessions at the Armory Cafe presents a concert on Saturday October 7 with Maine singer/songwriter Carl Cacho, New York singer/songwriter Honor Finnegan, and Wellesley singer/songwriter Beth DeSombre. The concert will feature a solo set by each artist, followed by a round robin song swap. The show begins at 7:30 pm with an open mic, and admission is $10. The Armory Cafe is at 191 Highland Avenue, Somerville. For more information call […]

Rare Appearance by a Preeminent Jazz Pianist: a Trio + Solo

                                         The Creative Music Series proudly presents The Burton Greene Trio: (Narada) Burton Greene, Piano Ra-Kalam Bob Moses, Drums Damon Smith, Bass               + Eric Zinman solo piano  (1st set) This rare appearance of Maestro Greene, one […]

Palaver Strings: Something for the Pain

Our headlines are filled daily with news of violence, both in our towns and cities and around the world. We are constantly on the brink of new conflict, faced with widening disparities in wealth, changing economies, the effects of climate change, and the largest wave of migration in recorded history. All the while, tensions and […]

A Celebration of Leonard Cohen in Song, Dance, and Poetry

Join us for an evening celebrating the life and work of Leonard Cohen in song, dance, and poetry. Poets Charles Coe, Richard Waring, and David Gullette (The Poets’ Theatre) take us on a journey through the career of Leonard Cohen, exploring the significance behind songs performed by musical guests. Musicians include Tony Trischka, Mark Erelli, […]

Balkan Soul Fest 2017

It’s the 3rd Annual Balkan Soul Fest! Dinner from 6pm-8pm with a special menu of Balkan Soul Food and musical performance by @Dunyainc Show from 8pm – 12:30am Featuring: West Philadelphia Orchestra Somerville Symphony Orkestar Cocek Brass Band Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band With a dinner set by Dünya (6:30-7:30) Tickets are $22 advance, $28 […]

From The Boss to Boston, Ron Pownall Recorded Rock History

Can’t make it out to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Photographer Ron Pownall’s Somerville studio is a pretty solid substitute. The walls of his loft at the Brickbottom Artists Association are lined with decades of rock history. Here’s the guys in Boston, passed out in their tour bus as they travel between cities. […]

Here’s What’s on Deck at ArtBeat 2016

“The whole festival—it’s kind of loosely organized chaos,” laughs Somerville Arts Council Cultural Director Rachel Strutt of the annual ArtBeat celebration. “Things usually happen that surprise and delight us that we couldn’t even conceive of.” ArtBeat comes to Davis Square on July 15 and 16, with two stages of music, dance at the Somerville Theatre, […]

Armory Kicks off Benefit Concert Series

On Friday, the Center for Arts at the Armory (191 Highland Ave.) will kick off a new concert series to raise money to re-soundproof the center’s performance hall. “We know that with the local community—the ultra local community—the sound has been an issue,” says Lea Ruscio, Executive Director of the Center for Arts at the Armory. “This is something we take […]

Scout Weekend: Your Guide to Porchfest

This Saturday, May 18, porches in Somerville will transform into stages for over 100 of the city’s most diverse musical acts. Passersby can hear anything from punk to Afro beat. With three separate time slots from noon to 6 p.m. based on location, Porchfest offers an evening full of music from Somerville’s finest. For the […]

Just Plain Folk

For the month of October, Dan Blakeslee goes by Doctor Gasp. He spends 25 days on the road, playing gig after gig between New England and New York, dressed in a makeshift Halloween costume built from a shoestring budget at thrift stores, performing an original and beloved set of ghost and goblin tunes. Having been […]