Nick Cox

Scout Out: Public Cinema Dance Party

Last Saturday night saw what may have been the largest, sweatiest, most off-the-hook dance party in Union Square history. You were probably there. But in case you weren’t, here’s the scoop: The “Public Cinema Dance Party” was hosted by the Non-Fiction Cartel, a local documentary filmmakers’ collective, in Uniun (3 Sanborn Court), the cavernous warehouse and […]

What’s New?: 5 Fun Facts About 968 The Shop

Sunday saw the grand opening celebration of 968 The Shop (968 Broadway), the renamed and renovated barbershop founded and run by Larry Travaglione, Jr., in the same space in Powder House Square where his father’s shearing joint, Larry’s Hair Cutting Zone, stood for many years. Scout Somerville braved the brutal heat for a gander at […]

Scout Guide: Union Square Farmers Market

The winter was long, dark, cold and painfully devoid of local produce. But after months spent huddled by the radiator subsisting on pickled beets and Market Basket mac ‘n’ cheese, the people of Somerville can rejoice, because the 2013 Union Square Farmers Market is finally here! From tomorrow all the way until November, come every […]

Spotlight: Anthony Berriola on Shaving

Anthony Berriola has some choice words for Gillette and Schick. “I’m completely against them,” says Berriola, proprietor of Razors Barbershop & Shave (308 Highland Ave.), of the multi-blade cartridge razors that dominate the shaving market, “They market this product to have three, four and five blades to give you a closer shave, but what’s actually […]