The SheBoom Sisterhood

They have many names for themselves. “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Drums.” “The Rolling Crones.” A “post-menopausal percussion and vocal ensemble.” They are many things—women, activists, mothers. One was a realtor, another’s a former professor, and a third has written five books about Halloween. They came together haphazardly. “It’s a small world in Somerville and […]

All Dogs Go to PorchFest, and Other Non-Musical Attractions

Over 200 acts performed on Saturday for PorchFest, the annual music festival that draws thousands of ‘Villens out of their houses and into the streets. The genres were diverse–from gypsy rock to jazz piano to folk violin–and surely everyone came for the music first and foremost. But as we wandered around from porch to porch (or […]

Porchfest 2015 Registration is Open

Something plucks a bit at my insides when I think about Porchfest. The bluegrass and folk tunes played on makeshift stages reminds me of my country upbringing. Yet there is something decidedly Somervillain about it—optimizing the use of an unconventional public space (the porch) to bring together community and music. And what warms my (icy, snowed […]

Scout Weekend: Your Guide to Porchfest

This Saturday, May 18, porches in Somerville will transform into stages for over 100 of the city’s most diverse musical acts. Passersby can hear anything from punk to Afro beat. With three separate time slots from noon to 6 p.m. based on location, Porchfest offers an evening full of music from Somerville’s finest. For the […]