Sanity Saver: Puppet Storytime with the Somerville Public Library

Somerville Public Libray is the throwing parents of small children a lifeline. This Saturday marks the return of the library’s Puppet Storytime with Leigh and Friends. There’s a book, there’s a few puppets. It is very chill. Mercifully chill. Nothing is unboxed. There are no kid-fluencers. There aren’t any lightsabers or Trolls on tour or […]

Leigh and Friends Puppet Storytime: What Do You Do With an Idea?

Newton has an idea! His idea is to read “What Do You Do With An Idea?” for “Puppet Story Time!” Kobi Yamada’s wonderful text enriched by Mae Besom’s rich illustrations give Newton pause. He wonders about how he treats a new idea when it pops into his head. Does he ignore it? Or nurture it? […]

Ralph Chadis Featured at Story Space Tue 04/23/2019

Ralph Chadis: “Not Your Typical Bard”, will observe his birthday which is during Passover by telling a medley of Passover stories. There is the story of pouring beer in the river. Of course he will remember how he and his mother set out the table – the gefilte fish, oye the making of the gefilte […]

John Carew Featured at Story Space Tue 04/16/2019

John Carew: is from Lough Gur, County Limerick – home of the fairies, the spirits of the mounds and the hollow hills. A true Seanachie and author of “Through The Mist Of Time”, a collection of poetry and short stories, he’s performed widely, and brags several medals and storytelling competition victories. Hosted By: TBD Feature’s […]

The Fourth Wall Presents… Daddy Issues

???? 1/2 “Simply, perfectly moving” – Edmonton Journal What is Daddy Issues? In Daddy Issues, Peter Aguero takes a raw and sympathetic look at his relationship with and without his father over the years. Through crippling honesty, brutal humor, and vivid reflection, Peter tackles the universal plight of not being able to pick your family. About Peter […]

The Fourth Wall Presents…Delirium by Martin Dockery

A true story of looking for meaning in the mysterious connection between love and death. ????? “Delirium is a fast-paced, energetic, and hilarious one-man show.” – Theatre in London What is Delirium? Acclaimed storyteller Martin Dockery retraces the narrative of his grandfather’s book on butterflies, connecting his own true stories to universal themes of love and death. Equally comical […]

Drag Storytime is Coming to the Library

Three drag performers will host storytime this weekend at the Somerville Public Library to deliver the message that it’s OK to be different. Alli Thresher formed Storytime with Drag Kings, Queens, and Friends when they heard about storytimes elsewhere in the country that featured drag performers. They thought about their friends and local performers—”magical, sparkly, […]