T&B Pizza Brings ‘Hyper-focused,’ Wood-fired Pizza to Union Square

T&BT&B Pizza. Photo by Nina Gallant.

T&B Pizza serves up one chef’s take on the Italian favorite with a curated selection of wood-fired pies and specialty cocktails.  

Tim and Bronwyn Wiechmann, the husband-and-wife team behind the Central and Eastern European restaurant Bronwyn, opened T&B Pizza at the end of June after over a year of planning the menu and perfecting each dish. Hoping to fill the void left when Area Four closed in 2015, the new pizza restaurant boasts two kinds of crusts, a selection of side dishes, and a small, curated selection of cocktails, wines, and beers. And rather than working out of a traditional kitchen, the team artfully prepares each dish in a wood-burning oven next to the T&B bar—the perfect spot for diners to salivate over their meals’ preparation from start to finish.

“I’m not a pizza snob of any kind—I like all kinds of pizza,” co-owner and chef Tim Wiechmann says. “I think we fill a niche of a cocktail restaurant with wood-fired pizza which is very specific, and it’s very good. Ours is just one vision for what pizza could be, because of that oven, because of the wood fire, because of the Al Taglio dough.”

Though the two restaurants share a building, the new T&B Pizza is nothing like its older sister, Bronwyn—the owners were ready for a change.

“I was looking for a new creative culinary outlet, basically,” Tim explains. “It’s a commitment. We really wanted it to be hyper-focused on having very, very good pizza. This is another chapter of what can we explore, what can we learn, and what can we offer to people that they know, but we also put [out] our own version [of] it, basically.”

“I love to make food,” he adds. “This is a totally different way of making food than I have done in the past.”

The two styles of pizzas offered at T&B—a light, classic Neapolitan and a thick-slice Roman Al Taglio pie—expose the city to a novel pizza experience, according to Tim. Each Neapolitan pizza crust is made from three- or four-day-old pre-fermented dough fired at 800 degrees, while the square Roman Al Taglio pies are crafted from crispy folded dough with similar consistency to a croissant. Toppings for both styles range from local New England cheeses to fresh seafood and more.  

Despite the array of complex concoctions, Tim says most first-time customers start off simple with the cheese Neapolitan pizza, or, if they’re feeling more adventurous, sample the Burrata Al Taglio or Bacon & Jalapeño Neapolitan. 

Alongside red and white wines and casual draft beers, the cocktails stand out as creative twists on the familiar thanks to a partnership with master mixologist Jason Kilgore of the nearby Backbar. “We want to have cocktails that people know, but we want to have them done in a refined and interesting fashion, so that has been a lot of fun, too,” Tim says. “If you walk into Bronwyn, there’s like a five-page menu of beer, so we didn’t want to do that again, we have that already. So this one is cocktail-focused and the other one is beer-focused.”