These Local Businesses Are Supporting People Affected by New Abortion Legislation

rose winegamal_inphotos / Flickr Creative Commons

After a week where multiple Republican-controlled states have moved toward enacting legislation that would severely curtail access to abortions, many are wondering what they can do to help people living in those areas.

Some local business owners have clear answers.

Rebel Rebel Wine Bar

Courtesy of Rebel Rebel.

Order rosé at Bow Market’s natural wine bar and you’ll be supporting The Yellowhammer Fund, an organization that helps people who are “seeking care at one of Alabama’s three abortion clinics.” Rebel Rebel is donating all sales (read: not just profits) to the fund until they run out of rosé.

Support has come out of the woodworks for Rebel Rebel’s fundraiser, including wine donations to keep it going. The wine bar had raised $5,000 by Friday, according to its Instagram, and aims to gather $25,000 by the end of the weekend.

Check Rebel Rebel’s social media for updates on whether there’s still rosé in stock.

Can’t make it to the bar? You can donate to the GoFundMe Rebel Rebel’s organized here.

Maca Boston

Rebel Rebel’s neighbor, Maca, is joining the fundraiser for The Yellowhammer Fund. How can you participate? Order the pink unicorn macaron ice cream sandwich by the end of the weekend.

field & vine and Talulla

These two spots will donate rosé sales to Rebel Rebel’s fundraiser through the end of the weekend.

Winter Hill Brewing Company

If beer’s more your speed than wine or sweets, head over to Winter Hill. Winter Hill Brewing Company is donating $1 for each beer sold to Planned Parenthood throughout the weekend.