Union Tavern Launches Female-Fronted Residency

Union TavernSusan Cattaneo. Photo by Justin Knight.

Susan Cattaneo’s love of singing started early. Her family was the “von Trapps of New Jersey,” she says, teaming up to sing six-part harmonies together.

She’s now a full-time singer/songwriter, and is taking her talents to Union Tavern (formerly PA’s Lounge) every third Thursday in what she describes as a rarity in the Boston music scene: a female-fronted residency.

“I love the idea, in a town dominated by men and male musicians, that I’m going to have a female residency, I think that’s really important,” she says. “So many times, I’ve seen concert lineups, festival lineups, locally where it’s only men on the roster. And I’m sorry, there is a vibrant and amazing female musician scene here that I don’t think is getting the dues that it should be. And I’m really hoping to champion that cause.”

Cattaneo, who lives in Boston, plans to bring in other women from myriad genres to join her during the residency. In June, for example, she envisions having five women on stage at once taking turns playing their songs. Sometimes Cattaneo will be accompanied by her band, The Big Loud Band, comprised of six musicians whom she raves about.

She describes her style as “New England Americana,” with a major focus on lyrical quality.

The residency isn’t Cattaneo’s first collaborative effort. Her most recent album, “The Hammer and the Heart,” included 40 other musicians, and she organized the joining of 26 women for the single¬†‚ÄúSisters of A Difference Skin” in honor of the 2017 Women’s March.

Cattaneo’s residency at Union Tavern will start up on April 16.