Voices of the City

This issue is all about letting your voices shine. Your voices are what make this city what it is, from the leaders you elect to the art you create to the conversations you spark.

Highlighting local voices is always one of our main goals at Scout, but it’s been rewarding to really zero in on that objective in this edition.

We talked to people who are honoring the past, whether by inspiring reminiscence about older Somerville culture (p.24) or reviving once-popular radio dramas (p.18). We interviewed people whose lives are inseparable from Somerville, including a rapper who grew up here (p.20). And we took a look at projects that aim to celebrate the wonderful diversity of this city, such as the Open Kitchens Project (p.22) and the Center for Arabic Culture (p.26).

We loved putting this issue together, and hope you love reading it.


Reena Karasin

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