What Should Somerville Do With All Those Space Savers? We Have 3 Ideas.

space saversPhoto courtesy of 311 Somerville

As if snow removal itself isn’t enough of a challenge, Somerville has a new problem to tackle: figuring out what to do with all the space savers they confiscated over the past few months. The city’s “space saver graveyard” is full of trash cans and chairs that—unlike the snow around us—aren’t going to melt come spring.

City officials are welcoming suggestions for what to do with these items, so we’re throwing out a few ideas of our own. And if you have a serious proposal for what the city should do with these forgotten savers, shoot an email to mayor@somervillema.gov or call 311.

1. World’s Biggest WWE Match

Ask yourself, where’s the one place people use chairs, trash cans and all other manner of item found in the space saver graveyard? Answer: the WWE. When wrestlers aren’t bashing each other in the back with folding chairs they’re knocking one another out with trash can lids or climbing up on stepladders to pummel each other from above. There might even be mannequin heads and mops in Somerville’s gigantic pile of trash. Who knows?

space savers

2. The Most Dangerous (Jenga) Game

Boston.com pointed out that there are some really rad pieces of public art around the world made almost entirely from chairs. Don’t get us wrong: These giant sculptures are pretty cool. But what if we took it one step further? First, build a giant stack of chairs. Then, challenge Somervillians to remove said chairs one-by-one without knocking the whole tower down. Sure, it would be so unsafe. But it would also be fun!

space savers

Garden Tower in Toronto. Photo: ForTheRecords on Flickr.

3. Pinterest Party

A great thing happens when you Google “uses for old chairs”—Pinterest delivers hundreds of ways to recycle, upcycle and redecorate them. Want to turn an old chair into a “cool, vintage looking swing?” There’s a pin for that. Want to make your chair into a nightstand? There’s a pin for that. Want to paint, restore, reupholster? Make a chair version of the human centipede? Turn a chair into a feeding bowl for your dog? There are pins for literally all of that. Let’s get crafty, y’all.

space savers

Are we wrong? Does this not remind you of the human centipede? Photo courtesy of FrouFrugal.