What’s New? Stop and Shop hits Teele Square


Stop and Shop supermarket is debuting its newest location this month in Somerville’s Teele Square. The grocery store will promises to be a big change for the community, as it is replacing the well-known Johnnie’s Foodmaster on Alewife Brook Parkway.

Somerville locals have associated this area of the city with Johnnie’s Foodmaster for many years. In Scout’s January/February 2013 issue, an article by Gabi Gage entitled “The New Face of Old Somerville” relates to this issue of new changes, as she explores the many challenges that come with new generations making their mark on a city.

Fellow Scout staff member and native Somerville resident Melinda LaCourse sees potential in the new grocery store, specifically for those living in West Somerville. She mentioned that the fresh look and upscale design of the store will make what used to be an older, unattended building a place where more people will want to shop.

“People that generally would not shop there [Johnnie’s] may now shop there now [Stop and Shop]” she mentioned.

LaCourse also remarked that Stop and Shop would provide more benefits compared to Johnnie’s Foodmaster. Resources such as the Citizens Bank present in all Stop and Shop stores and their rewards program will provide much needed assistance to the Somervillians in the Clarendon Hill area.

Teele Square native Lisa Domenici understands the unease of losing a store that was so well known to Somerville residents.

“Johnnie’s was an institution of sorts and the last of a typically local grocery store. The store Manager actually knew people from the neighborhood and would listen if the store did not carry an item you were interested in. I think that personal connection will be missed.”

Domenici also sees potential for what the opening of Stop and Shop will provide for the community.

“Stop and Shop will carry on what Johnnie’s established over the years; the ability to allow people in the Teele Square area access to quality food without it costing you your entire paycheck. I am hoping the Stop and Shop will have a positive effect on the neighborhood. It generally seems to be a good company, and the community will appreciate that Shop and Shop will be filling a void that was created by the departure of Johnnie’s.”

The new Stop and Shop is slotted to open on Friday, June 21. –Jen Morgan