Zen Dog Training Zoom Class this Wednesday, May 20

Today, Scout and author-trainer Gordon Fontaine of Zen Dog Training are celebrating  National Dog Rescue Day with a benefit Zoom class. We’re raising money for Great Dog Rescue of New England, and Fontaine will be offering tips and tricks for dealing with behaviors like play biting, jumping and pulling on the leash.

Fontaine, author of The Zen Method of Raising a Puppy, will also provide guidance on common puppy problems. Class starts at 5:30 p.m.

Click on this link to tune in to the event: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83151278603?pwd=SW5nVTVITjJDZXVkN0J6NHNUQ3YyQT09

We encourage you to donate here, where we will be sharing 50% of the donations collected today with the Great Dog Rescue.

Full Disclosure: We have watched Pick of the Litter, the guide dog show on Disney+, roughly eight gajillion times since this whole crisis started. So if you see us weeping when a dog learns a new skill during our Zoom class with Zen Dog Training, that’s why. It’s Pavlovian. Please be patient.